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AllBlueprintsConstruction (ABC) is a one stop shop providing turnkey construction solutions. We strive to allow our clients maximum flexibility tailored to each project needs. Our services cover the project life cycle from inception all the way through to project completion and operation.

ABC is with you throughout the project to assist in any of the various stages – planning, designing, construction all the way to handover. Whatever your project needs may be ABC is your trusted partner to deliver offering a wide range of product to suit your needs.

Due Diligece Studies

To ensure site compliance to key project and business perameters this is critical prior to avoid all unprecedented costs.

Design Services

Comperhensive and specialized design to ensure client’s goals are met.

Construction/Project Delivery Services

Construction of a wide range of products to suite all client’s commercial needs, or the project management.

Facility Management

Management of the client’s facilities insuring upkeep of insurances, assets, warranties and maintenance.

Due Diligence Studies 

One of the largest hurdles faced during the inception of a construction project is making well intended decisions which may later prove to be a challenge to achieve the business goals put forth for the project. It is a challenge we welcome everyday in our construction division, however oftentimes this requires creative solutions mandating additional time and resources to bypass the issue at hand.

ABC provides constructability services allowing our clients the opportunity to do the necessary due diligence before committing any cost to a venture. In light of our reports our client can make sound business decisions understanding the challenges ahead, solutions available and any additional costs associated with them.


      ABC provides a wide variety of design options to best service each project’s unique needs. ABC can provide the following design services spanning across the hospitality, medical and commercial projects:

      • Branding/Marketing
      • Interior Design
      • Architectural
      • Civil
      • MEP
      • Fire Life Safety

      Construction/ Project Delivery Services

      Dependent on the project we can either undertake all the liability of construction , or merely advise and supervise the project. Dependent on the client direction either can be pursued. Project delivery is segregated into a few key services which can work independently or in unison these include:

      1. Project Management
      2. Cost Management
      3. Design Management
      4. Contract Management
      5. Construction Management

      Facility Management

      Construction projects have a clear objective from inception – realize your vision. However once the project is handed over and the liability is transferred from contractor to employer, what next? Many projects deteriorate rapidly due to mismanagement of assets and a lack of follow-up. Proper facility management ensures the longevity and prosperity of the project and its warranties and insurances.


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